Own a piece of history...

Our signature item at Mayfield Mews is the historically significant 'dip tin' and our source comes from a traditional immigrant family with a long tradition of growing grapes in Victoria. 

Grapes were harvested in February and March and were picked into special buckets full of holes called 'dip tins'.  Each dip tin full of sultanas was dipped by hand into a dip containing a solution of oils and potash which split the skins and helped the fruit to dry.  After dipping the excess fluid drained from the holes and the sultanas were taken to the wire drying racks and spread out evenly.  

Drying methods have changed, however dip tins have a strong association to Australia's grape growing history.  

You'll be delighted to see how dip tins are used at Mayfield Mews...and this is your opportunity to own a piece of history while they are available.
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