Mayfield Mews has the #1 voted coffee in NSW

Well we have done it!! Highest rated coffee venue in ALL NSW.... Call in for the real deal, along with our new Iced Coffee and Milkshakes. Thank you to our truly valued customers

Kaldi Coffee

Here at the Mews we brew the unique Kaldi Coffee and we are extremely proud to say that we do. The difference is locally roasted! No husks of impurities are ground with our beans, here at Mayfield Mews. No bags, no pods, just pure quality coffee.
Why Kaldi coffee is unique:
  • The Roasting the coffee beans is done in a unique custom designed and built fluidised bed air roasting technique, rather than the traditional drum roasters used by competitors.
  • Also the Freshness of the beans, we were amazed that most establishments were selling either imported or large commercially roasted coffee that had been roasted 12 months prior. Why drink old coffee when you could be drinking freshly roasted coffee.

Why is our coffee so good...

This is why we have the highest rated coffee in NSW, not a pod, not drum roasted in Italy or whoop whoop, but AIR ROASTED freshly for Mayfield Mews in Queanbeyan

The Kaldi Legend

The legend  tells the story of  Kaldi  the goat herder, who lived in Ethiopia about 300 AD. He noticed that after his  goats  had been eating  red  berries from a tree, the goats were lively and energetic until late in the evening.  Kaldi  tried the red berries himself and experienced the same effect. He mentioned this to the monks in the nearby monastery, who from then on took coffee to stay awake during the nightly prayer gatherings. The legend also has it that these monks discovered by chance that the beans could be roasted and that a beverage prepared from the roasted beans not only produced the same effect, but also tasted far better. The  coffee beans , and the beverage made from them, were from then on regarded as a luxurious stimulant.

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